About the Author and Illustrator

kazume and sandy glow

Kazumi and Sandy

Sandra Moore began her writing career  in the office of a US Senator and worked as  a journalist focusing on children and families. She and her family live close to  the National Arboretum in Washington, but  her roots are in Maine, which shares with  Japan a wealth of islands dotted with magnificent trees. This is her first book.

Kazumi Wilds has illustrated several children’s books, including All About Japan,  Hajime in the North Woods, and The Wakame Gatherers.  Like the bonsai in this story, she  was born in Japan, but now lives in America, where she is enrolled in the Book Arts MFA program at the University of Iowa.  To view more of Kazumi’s artwork, please visit her website at:

The Peace Tree from Hiroshima now available from Tuttle Publishing